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Society expects a lot from us.  We spend our entire lives being the person others expect us to be.   Oftentimes, acting on auto-pilot, not realizing how much their beliefs have influenced our own.

Creativity and mindfulness are powerful tools to take action into your own hands.  They have helped me slow down, take positive actions for my own well-being and re-evaluate my beliefs.  Are you ready to get your feet wet and try it for yourself?

Hi!  I'm Anjum


I'll admit, I've lived a pretty charmed life.  Yet despite the idyllic nature of my life it hasn't been without its challenges and traumas.

For a long time I balked at using the word "trauma" but the reality is that we have all had our own versions of trauma.  And the severity of one person's trauma doesn't minimize the impact that someone who has "suffered" less experiences.

Along the journey of healing from my experiences, I discovered that mindfulness and creativity have a huge impact on how I experience life.  I have been able to process things through art that I couldn't put words to.


And so I am here to share with you tip and techniques that can help you live a better life.    All the opinions and activities that I share come from personal experience, with the hope that they will help you live a life filled with more joy, art and love


Get Started

Creativity is not about how you put paint on a canvas.  It is something that you make a part of your daily life.

I've put together a list of 5 simple ways you can easily add more creative activities into your life.  I'm sure you'll find at least one you can try out this week.

I believe that life is a journey of learning.  During my healing journey, I have learned several skills and techniques that have helped me tap into the healing power of creativity.

Explore them with me  - - -

I would love to have you along for the ride.

Take a look at where my creativity is taking me.

Shop original artwork and home accessories to add a little art to your life.


The Benefits of Crafting

Physical Health
Cognitive Health
Mental Health
hands holding a crochet hook, with blanket on lap
Embroidery hoop, threads and scissors
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