~ Asger Jorn

Danish Artist

Hi, I’m Anjum – art school graduate, Reiki master practitioner, and recovering perfectionist.  I bring a lifetime of practicing creative experimentation and over two decades in energy healing to my holistic approach to wellness through creativity.

I believe that each one of us is inherently creative. 


We all have curiosity, play, and imagination within us – it was our primary method of exploring the world as children.  Creativity is more than drawing or painting.  It is found in the outfit you choose to wear and the meal you put together.  It is found in the moment when you appreciate the flowers found on your walk and the way you come up with solutions to problems.  Creativity is a talent, a skill and a muscle all rolled into one – and the more you practice it, the more you will lean into it and the more you see its benefits.



I am excited to help you reclaim a little bit of your childhood - shedding the “shoulds” that have been learned in this journey called life – and nourish your spark.   I have seen firsthand that being creative, even for a few minutes, can have a lasting impact on my day.  On the days when I feel sad, tired or struck, creativity is the answer. 


I am on a mission to help women inject a little creativity in their lives so they too can feel its benefits!