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Let me share a secret with you...

It is not a talent reserved for a select few.  Sure there are some people who seem like they have been given a little more than the rest of us, but I strongly believe that we all have it.  We may not all be destined to make our livelihood using our creativity, but by being creative we can enrich our own lives and the lives of those we interact with.

Just because you have it, doesn't mean that you can do things fabulously on the very first attempt.  Like any other skill, it takes time to harness your creativity.  The first time you put two colours together, it may not look all that great.  But as you do it time and time again, the colours will look better.  There is a difference between choosing a dusty rose colour vs a neon pink.  However, your choice will evolve over time, as your experience grows.

I am a strong believer that creativity is so much more than how your draw or paint.

When you put together an outfit in the morning, you are being creative.  From the clothing you put on your body, to the way you do your hair and make-up to your jewellery, shoes and purse.  Every choice you make shows your creativity - if you had made a different choice the outfit would have had a different impact.

When you put together a meal, the way you combine the ingredients and spices reflects your creativity.  You may start off with a recipe, but perhaps (over time) you begin to make a couple of substitutions based on the ingredients you have at home.  Not having a specific spice no longer means you cannot make that meal.

Can you think of other ways you use your creativity on a daily basis?

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