Journal Inspiration...

I love pretty notebooks!  I have more than I need, for sure, but it is something that I just can't resist.

If you need to feed your notebook addiction (or are not as obsessed as me and are just looking for one), here are some ideas! 


Some things to consider:

  • What size works for you?  Do you want to carry it around with you?

  • What kind of paper do you want? Lined - blank - dot grid?

I encourage you to support your local book and gift stores.  Here are some great options from Amazon.  As an Amazon Ambassador, I earn a small commission each time you use my link. So, if you choose to order from Amazon, I would appreciate it if you use my link so I can indulge in my journal buying habit

Here are a few that I love:

Small journals - great for on the go

large journals - more space for big thoughts

luxury journals - a little extra love

BONUS: Here is one, just for the left-handers!

Not Right.jpg

Or if you would like, here is a tutorial by the talented Lori Lynn Fell so you can make your own!:

Do you have a favourite pen to use in your journal?  If not, check out some of my suggestions!