Pen Inspiration...

When I first started journaling, I would use any pen - often times the promo ones you get at any tradeshow (some of them are actually really nice to write with). 

Over time, I realized that the pen I use actually makes a difference. When I'm writing with a nice pen that flows nicely the words seem to flow just as easily...I promise I'm not weird - it's true!

I encourage you to choose a nice pen for your journaling.  What is "nice" will be different for each of us, but some things to consider:

  • What type of ink do you like - ballpoint, gel, fountain pen?

  • Do you like thicker writing or fine?

  • How about colour? Do you like black, red, blue - or perhaps colourful?

I encourage you to support your local small businesses.  Here are some great options from Amazon.  As an Amazon Ambassador, I earn a small commission each time you use my link. So, if you choose to order from Amazon, I would appreciate it if you use my link so I can indulge in my journal buying habit

Here are a few that I love:

basics colours

colourful options

fountain pens

BONUS: this one looks like a fun one to try! Don't forget to get some ink if you decide to give it a whirl!


Have you got a notebook yet?  If not, check out some of my favourites...