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A Blank Page...

… in a new journal or notebook – how does that make you feel? Does it fill you with excitement at all the things you could fill its pages with, or does it fill you with anxiety?

I love buying new notebooks. It is one of my favourite things to look at – the pretty covers, the different kinds of interiors – lined, blank, dot grid or filled with prompts and quotes – the possibilities are endless! I get all excited and will even indulge in one, once in a while. Then I take them home, and usually, they end up sitting in a drawer – sometimes being opened up – pen in hand – but rarely written in. The thought of making a mark in that perfect notebook … and there goes the pen back on my desk and the notebook back in the folder.

In case you too suffer from this paralysis, I came up with a few ideas of how you (and I) can make that first mark and actually enjoy that wonderful stash of notebooks.

There are some links below to different things you may find interesting. Please note, as an Amazon Ambassador, I earn a small commission each time you use my link. I encourage you to support your local stores, but of course, if you choose to order from Amazon, I would appreciate it if you use my link so I can indulge my journal buying habit!

Tip 1:

Pick a word. Last year I came across the “Oh My Word” journal and I love the idea of choosing a word. I thought that this would be a great way to start a new journal too. Pick a word and have that on your first page. You can draw it – paint – or maybe cut it out from a magazine and paste it? The possibilities are endless but it seems like a great way to start a new journal.

Tip 2:

Take the word a little further and start by writing a quote on the front page. You can pretty it up, or just write it. Writing someone else’s already perfect words takes a bit of pressure off.

For example:

"Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out your own inner voice."

–Steve Jobs

If you choose to play with hand lettering, Lettering and Modern Calligraphy is a great way to learn! There are also some fun quotes you can copy towards the end, such as “create your own magic”

I suggest starting with this set of Tombow Fudenosuke Fude Brush Pens. The pens are good quality and playing with soft and hard brushes will give you a good idea of what works for your style. I tend to use the hard brush most of the time, but I feel like as my style evolves I may move towards the soft ones.

Tip 3: Start with your why. The first page is a great place to reflect on why you are starting. If you are just beginning your journaling journey you can write about what brought you to the idea of starting – what you hope to get out of it? You could choose to write about what made you fall in love with this particular notebook. Having your why on the first page of your journal can also serve as a great reminder if you find yourself slipping out of the habit, you can go back to page one and read what got you started.

What do you do to get over the fear of the blank notebook? I would love to hear your tips and suggestions!

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