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Being Who You Are

Quotes are, for me, empowering. They let you know that you are not alone. When you relate to the words written by another person, it makes you feel understood. That is what draws me to quotes. I hope that my creations will help others feel seen too.

I decided to use the platform of this blog to share some of my favourite quotes and to share what they mean to me. I would love to hear what they mean to you. Please share in the comments or send me a message.

I cannot speak to how anyone else feels, nor would I want to. These are just the Contemplations of a Confuse Creative…

To even truly know what you are, let alone live that….that seems unfathomable to me. So much of the time, society places expectations of what “they” think that you should be. However, is that who you are truly meant to be? Most likely not. To take the time to figure out what lights you up, what makes you happy – that can be very difficult. You must weed through the expectations that you feel are placed on you, or that you place on yourself. These things become so woven into the fibre of your being that you cannot distinguish who you are in your soul and who others expect you to be.

For me, a bit part of that came when I went away to boarding school at the age of 13. I was away from everything I knew: my family, my friends, my home, the country I grew up in and what I knew normal life to be. The rug beneath my feet was taken away. In this new environment, I no longer knew who I was. I put on an armour, and handled life. I do believe though that in order to figure out what I am, I need to peel back the armour that I have put on. It will take time; the armor has been on for longer than when I wasn’t wearing it. Playing with art again is part of that, it is something I used to enjoy a lot as a child, but I lost along the way.

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