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Cake Mix Experimentation

There is so much pressure to be perfect, in life isn’t there? Pressure to be good in school. To excel in your job. To make your life look Instagram worthy. Pressure from the outside world – and (even worse, at least for me) is the pressure we put on ourselves.

Sometimes that can cripple us. It makes it hard to try new things – because we are so scared of failing – of not living up to the standards that exist in our mind. At least, it does for me. Allowing myself to try new things is hard – the fear paralyzes me. But sometimes, it is okay to allow yourself to take little steps towards trying new things.

One simple way that I have been allowing myself to experiment is using muffin mixes. It all started when I saw a post on social media (I’m sorry I don’t remember the source) where they made a cake with just two ingredients – a box of cake mix and applesauce. I was blown away. I mean cake mix is easy as it is, but by removing the water, oil and egg – and replacing it with applesauce I could feel better about cake! After all, it now had apples in it – that made it okay to have an extra piece, right?

As a bonus, because I didn’t have pre-made applesauce at home, I used my little food processor to chop up some apples until they were almost a sauce consistency and used that – which meant that some bites had slightly bigger pieces of apple which added to the texture. It was so simple and tasted pretty good too! Now, almost every time I make a cake, it is a little different, depending on ingredients I have on hand.

  • Made to much coffee? Replace the water with coffee and throw in some chocolate chips to make a mocha cake!

  • Banana’s gong bad, add them in!

  • The bits of cereal (especially shredded wheat) that are at the bottom of the bag – save them and throw them into the mix!

  • Throw in some nuts for added crunch!

The possibilities are endless!

Have you ever tried to experiment with cake mix? I’d love to hear about what you’ve tried – maybe you’ll inspire me to try a new combination I’ve not thought of yet…

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