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Clean Desk Policy

I have decided to instate a “Clean Desk Policy” at my office. I’m sure many of you have worked at places that had such a policy. In essence, depending on the particular company’s policy it includes practices such as leaving your desk neat and tidy, ensuring not to leave any customer information on your desk (and sometimes on your computer’s desktop and “my documents”), and even whether your laptop could be left out overnight.

For most of this year, I have been working from home. My desk is in my living room and I go between working there for my day job and working on things like this blog, social media posts, and other ideas surrounding Joy Art Love. When I need desk space, I will just move the laptop the side, and work on my hand lettering or whatever other projects I’m working on. And to be honest, keeping that surface clear hasn’t been a huge priority for me. Most days, once I’m done with work, all I have the energy for is lying on the couch with the tv on and then getting some dinner before heading back to the couch.

Recently I started writing the Morning Pages as part of starting Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. So I’ve been writing 3 pages (almost) every morning. I started off going back into bed to write them – and honestly, it’s not that comfortable. I considered getting a lap desk to keep in my bedroom to write. Then on Saturday morning, while writing my pages, I found myself writing

I want to write on my desk – which means I should make part of my “shut-down” routine clearing my desk.

Interesting, huh?

Well, that little line spurred action during the day – and I cleaned up my desk. In addition, I cleared up one of the drawers and placed my laptop, keyboard, and mouse in there. I then put the notebook I have been using for my Morning Pages on top of the desk. I’ve got to tell you, seeing the clear desk has felt better than I thought it would. Over the past couple of years, I have let my cleaning slip, and it honestly hasn’t bothered me. But seeing the clear desk inspired me to clear up a couple of other shelves. Noticing and celebrating these small shifts is what it is all about, isn’t it?

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