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Craft Kit Fun

Have you seen some of the incredible art kits that are available these days? I’ve looked at them when shopping for gifts for the kids in my life, and found them really interesting – some of them I even thought “wouldn’t it be great to be able to make something like that?” Yet for some reason, I never considered actually buying one of them to see what it would be like to make them.

Then the other day, I had the opportunity to try the Mindful Makers Geode Canvas Painting kit with a kid in my life and I have to say, there is something to be said for it! Knowing that these kits usually have more than enough paints than what you need for the canvas you are given, I added an extra canvas that I picked up from the dollar store for each of us.

The first step was to paint the canvases using just the paint…

Then we had to mix the two parts of the resin, divide it into portions, mix in some paint and pour it over the canvas. We then added some blue glass chips and gold glitter.

Here are the final 4 canvases:

They turned out pretty well, I think! For me, there were a few things I learned from this experience:

  • It’s okay to be a beginner

  • A blank canvas isn’t as scary when you have instructions

  • Kits are a great way to try a new medium (I’d been watching videos of acrylic pours and resin art – this felt like a way to try both in a “safe” way)

  • Crafting with kids is extra fun

Have you tried crafting kits? Do you enjoy them? Let me know!

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