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The Benefits of Crafting on Physical Health

I’ve heard it said (as I’m sure you have) that being creative is good for you. In fact, there are many articles on just this subject. Reading so much on the subject I started to get a little overwhelmed and decided to distill some of this information down to make it easier for you (and let’s be honest myself) to really understand the benefits.

As a result, I created a three-part series – breaking down the benefits of crafting to our physical, cognitive, and mental health. Today, I am focusing on the effects on our physical health.

In my opinion, one of the biggest physical benefits of crafting is the use of your hands. In order to participate in any craft, we use our fingers, hands, arms, and even shoulders. This helps keep those muscles and joints moving (especially as we age) and builds motor skills and dexterity. Oftentimes, we don’t even realize that we are using those parts of our body – even more so once the craft becomes a habit. Think about it – when an experienced knitter is at work, does she (or he) realize what actions are taking place? More often than not, the art of knitting is so much of a habit and relies so much on muscle memory, that they can be watching a movie, listening to music, or even carrying out a conversation – all the while creating a beautiful sweater.

In addition, many people who suffer from chronic pain have reported that partaking in a creative hobby actually helps them manage their pain. Jenni Grover, the founder of ChronicBabe, describes in an article for Principal Pain Management, how quilting has helped her cope with her chronic pain. One of the benefits she talks about is that playing with the brightly coloured fabrics serves as a distraction from the pain for a while - giving her mind something else to focus on. Even though I have never (fortunately) been in a state of perpetual physical pain, I can empathize with her. I too have found that the value of distracting the mind can be huge.

Have you experienced any benefits to your physical health through crafting? Drop a comment below or join us in the Facebook group, Spark! and let us know!

Don’t forget to check out the other two blog posts (that will be posted on the next two Mondays) on the effects of crafting on our cognitive and mental health

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