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Practice Makes Progress

Have you ever noticed that the hardest part is getting started? I mean, I am so tired. And the thought of starting a new project makes me realize just how little energy I have. I would rather be doing literally anything else – especially if it requires being a sloth.

Oftentimes, though, once you get started it makes it easier. Little steps can add up.

Recently I enrolled in Art Therapy through the Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy (CiiAT). Every Saturday morning starts with a creative expression with my therapist, Cynthia. And as the weeks have gone one, I have come to realize that this is absolutely the best way to start my weekend.

It helps me to get out of the “day job” mode and into working on my passion. It changes my thinking and allows creative ideas to start flowing. In addition, it has helped me tap into my own creativity. As a result, I signed up for a 6 week watercolour class and a couple of one-off art classes.

Even though I came into this with the knowledge that being creative has a huge impact on my mental health, the past few weeks has been so reaffirming! I am on the right track, and this has given me the energy to move forward in creating the framework of my business. I am so excited to unveil new aspects to you over the next few months and can’t wait to see how this journey unfolds.

I am so excited to share the power of this momentum with you! Each month, I am hosting a free challenge to light your spark. Click on the image below to join - I would love to see you there!

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