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SPARK – 5 – Matcha Hour Podcast – Alli Page – Overcome Resistance to Your Purpose & Dreams

Alli Page, the host of the Matcha Hour Podcast, describes herself as a “multi-dimensional healer and integrative coach” on her website, using a combination of breathwork, reiki, and sound therapy. I enjoy her podcast, especially since a lot of her episodes are 15 minutes or less, which makes them great to listen to in between all the things we are all trying to do. Sure you won’t solve all your problems in 15 minutes but I find that the ideas she brings forward get me thinking and leave me with something to think about, research, or implement. And this episode definitely gave me lots to think about and to journal about, which is why I would like to share it with you.

In this episode, Alli talks about how what is holding us back from the lives we really want to live is the healing work we need to do and the resistance we have to actually do that work. One of the things she says that really hit home or me is that whatever state we are living in right now, that is what our nervous system is used to. When we try and do the work to change that, our nervous system is resistant to that because it is something new. Although my logical mind knows that I don’t want to be depressed anymore – we may even believe in our hearts that there is a better life out there for us – a happier life – but when we start taking steps to move towards that our nervous system goes into a tizzy trying to protect us from the unknown. It is totally natural! I don’t know about you but I’ve been pretty hard on myself for this – when the resistance comes up, so does my Inner Critic – it criticizes me for resistance – and so the cycle continues.

Alli gives us three questions to help us through the resistance. I look forward to journaling about them and hope you’ll use them as a jumping-off point to face your resistance.

1. How can I create safety around this new state of being?

2. What are the reasons I don’t feel safe in this new state of being?

3. What am I afraid will happen once I receive what I’m dreaming of?

Here is a link to The Match Hour Podcast, so you can check it out for yourself.

Have you tried this technique? I would love to know if felt these questions helped…let me know in the comments!

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