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SPARK – 6 – No Formula Podcast – Episode 51 – Fabulous and Entertaining with Glenn Lundy

The No Formula Podcast talks to different entrepreneurs each episode, showing that there is no one way to have a successful business. In this episode host, Laura Bernhart, chats with Glenn Lundy the founder of the 800% Club where he teaches car dealerships to scale their businesses – with a special emphasis on growing the people within the organization, which in turn leads to the business growth.

As a part of the conversation, they talk about morning routines. I am sure you, like me, have heard tons about the importance of morning routines. It seems to be something that is talked about a lot – the routines of successful people are analyzed and there seem to be some fundamental things that a lot of those people do. And it has become something that the rest of us try to learn from on our journey towards our version of success. Yet so many of them seem so hard to attain – it feels like it's not possible to do that when we have our everyday lives to get on with. But Glenn distilled it down to 5 elements:

  • Do not hit the snooze button

  • Don’t touch your phone first thing in the morning

  • Write down both your gratitude and your goals

  • Get into motion – do some physical activity

  • Send a message to lift someone up – release something positive into the Universe

As I was listening to the episode I was suddenly hit with a realization – I have a morning routine! At least today I do! Lol After all this time about hearing about the importance of a morning routine, and it feeling unattainable I had hit 4 (or maybe 3 1/2) /5 that morning!

I had not hit the snooze button. I had not checked my email or social media for the first hour of the day. I had written my morning pages and had ended it by writing things that I was grateful for. And then I had posted on a group that I am part of on Facebook to spread positivity. I was so proud of myself in that moment and it lifted me up and suddenly that idea of a morning routine being unattainable was shattered. I realized that I CAN have a morning routine – I just have to take the steps to ensure that I start my day the way I want to. It's about intentionality.

There is one thing I am not willing to compromise on though is sleep – I do think he missed the mark on that one! Want to know what I’m talking about, check out the episode here:

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