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The Power of Small Changes

Sometimes when we want to make changes in life, it can feel entirely overwhelming.

For example, just a year ago I was trying to figure out how I am supposed to build a business that replaces my full-time job income when I have nothing. I felt like it was absolutely impossible. I mean, I didn’t even have an idea of what I wanted to do. I was so stressed out by the enormity of what I wanted to do, I was paralyzed. Then, I heard Cathy Heller tell a story.

As she talked about how when a ship is sailing across the ocean if the captain changes the course of the ship by just 2 degrees – over time it could end up at a completely different continent than where it was originally headed, I suddenly understood:

I don’t need to figure out all the steps of how I get to my end goal, I just have to make a small change. And then follow the course. If it turns out that the new course isn’t quite right, well then I’ll figure out the next 2-degree change then. But I don’t even need to know what else is coming up on the course. So often I feel like I need to have the entire road mapped out. However, there is no way for me to do that accurately. Because I don’t know what obstacles are going to be on my path further up. In fact, if I stress and agonize on every step of the path, two things will happen:

  1. I will never start walking it because I will spend so much time trying to chart the course

  2. I will encounter something along the way that I could not have predicted – and that hiccup may even derail me more because it is so unexpected

So I decided to take a step. I was connected with the lovely Laura who helped me take my confusion into some clarity. She is the reason why I created Spark!

Today I want to encourage you to think about what little steps you can take to move you 2 degrees towards your dreams. What little change would point your ship in the direction of your dreams? Maybe you can spend 10 minutes today researching? Or perhaps you already have an idea of a little step you can take but you felt like it wasn’t enough? I promise you, if you start making little changes, they will add up. And the next step will start to appear. You may have an opportunity come up. Or perhaps an idea will pop into your mind. All you need to do is follow those little steps and you will be miles ahead on your journey to making your dreams come true!

Good luck! I look forward to hearing about how moving 2 degrees helped you get closer to your dreams!

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