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Time for An Update

When was the last time that you updated the Operating System on your computer or phone? You know, that annoying message that pops up and lets you know there is an update available and then keeps popping up until you agree to give your device the downtime it needs to get done. Operating System updates are essential. They contain bug fixes and increased security to ensure that the system continues to perform.

What about our brains? How often do we update that operating system? Sure, we are constantly learning new things – but that’s like updating the programs or installing new ones. What about the underlying system that runs the whole operation?

According to American development biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, that operating system is your subconscious mind. And the original operating system is created by the age of 7 – and most of us don’t do any updates to those beliefs! Can you imagine, running an operating system for that long and not making any updates? I'm going to explain it himself...

One of the ways Dr. Lipton mentioned in this video to re-program those beliefs was the use of affirmations Some of you know, I struggled with affirmations in the beginning of my journey. Instead, I used a permission slip. I found it easier to say (for example)

“I give myself permission to be happy today”

than to say

“I am happy”

I created a permission slip with some statements I came up with and a couple of spots for you to create your own.

Now, I am at a point where I use a combination. I still use a permission slip, that I say out loud to myself every day. But I also use affirmations (I have them set up as reminders on my phone as well as a couple at my work desk). Journaling has been an important part of working through the original beliefs to figure out if they still serve me.

In fact, on February 21st, the wonderful Linsey and I are running a workshop to teach the participants to change one of their “I can’t” beliefs into “I CAN!” using a combination of meditation and journaling. We would love to have you join us!

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