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What is Abundance?

Part of my morning routine is to pull a card from either my Angel Therapy or Affirmators decks.

The Angel Therapy cards were the first deck I ever bought and I love the insight they provide. The guidebook includes actionable steps that you can take to help bring healing. You may be able to find it at a local holistic store or independent bookstore – it was published in 2008 so it can be hard to come by these days.

The Affirmators cards I bought fairly recently, and I love that they bring a touch of humour to self-help – the cards make me smile and are a great way to start my day! You can check with your local holistic store or independent bookstore for them, or purchase them from Amazon here. (Please note, as an Amazon Ambassador, I earn a small commission each time you use my link)

This morning I pulled a card from my Affirmators card deck and was blessed with the Abundance Card. I love the metaphor of Abundance Pie (especially since today is American Thanksgiving!) and it got me thinking about abundance and what it means.

Oftentimes, abundance is thought of in terms of monetary wealth. In fact, that is what I thought of it as.

However, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines abundance as:

The first definition got me thinking. There are many parts of my life where I do have abundance. I am blessed to have a very comfortable home – it is well furnished and I have both air conditioning and heating. I am blessed to have an abundance of food – I don’t have to worry about the next meal (or the next week’s meals). I have a job that pays my bills and that currently allows me to works from home. I have my parents and my brother living in the same city as me. I have an amazing friend, who although she lives on the other side of the country, is there for me – this has been even more evident this year as I have been going through this journey. I am abundantly supported by her and my family.

I realized that abundance and gratitude are intertwined in ways that I had not previously considered. Abundance, I realize now, is a mindset. Yes – of course, there is a tangibility to it. And most of it does go back to money. But you could have everything and if you don’t recognize it, appreciate it, and feel gratitude for it – it won’t feel like abundance.

I’m curious – what do you think about abundance? Is it a mindset or is there a specific way you define it?

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