Welcome to the Journaling Challenge!


I'm so excited to take this journey with you!

What you need:

  • a notebook

  • a pen

That's it!  Really!  If you have a notebook you have at home that you would like to use (perhaps one that you have been "saving" - I know I am guilty of doing that!)  In case you don't, here are some ideas.

I suggest using a nice pen - one that writes nicely.  There is something wonderful about writing with a nice pen.  Do you have a favourite? Here are some of my favourites.

You can write whatever time you prefer - morning, night, lunchtime or in between errands - but I would encourage you to pick a time and stick to it - habits seem to stick better when you create a routine around them.

That's it - every morning in the month of January, you will receive an email with the prompt of the day.  This is for you.  You don't need to share your writing with anyone. 

Take time for yourself this January!  Let's see where this challenge leads us!